Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tanks in Alabama

I went down to Alexander City in Alabama for my brother's wedding over the weekend. We had some time to kill on Saturday morning before the ceremony, so we went looking around town for something to do. We found the Charles E Bailey sportplex, which was a park surrounded by sport facilities and playgrounds.

One cool thing we found there was a war memorial with real tanks!

And a plane up on a concrete pedestal.

This gas pump is reeeaaaally old! My brother guessed 1920s or 30s.

We weren't sure what this is. Possibly a well?
Whatever it is, this is the motor for it.

A statue of a Confederate soldier stood above the memorial.

A cool stone cross. I think this might have been a fountain at some point.
And of course there was lots of beautiful nature scenery!

There isn't a ton to do in this little town, but this park was a hidden gem. We spent the whole morning walking through the park, admiring the tanks, and enjoying nature. Pretty cool!

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